Sunday, August 1, 2010

I used to like....

My favorite foods have now started to go the way of the dodo, yum...dodo burgers. Anyways, I've discovered as time goes forward with the pregnancy that although i'm still not sick, there are definitly some favorites that are no more. For one, Zuccini. I loved that stuff, now it taste's so repulsive, along with jalapeno's. I wonder when those things will come back into my life. In the mean time, anything with plenty of fat, carbs, or sweets is definitly in my liking. In turn however that does nothing good for my waist line this early. If you've got any tips on how to slow that process down a tad, i'm all ears.
I've been going though alphabet on bra sizes and am offically up to a D. I thought i'd be lucky to hit a C in my lifetime, now i'm a D. What the heck comes after a D? and if my twins have already ballooned to this size, what will happen by the time I deliver? I'm begining to understand why some chesty women have named thier mammories. I get so mad at them for all the pain, but just stand there and stammer like a parent trying to yell at thier red headed step children (sorry matt, no stab at you. lol). Its like streaming through the rolodex of all the names you've ever yelled in anger, but can't land on the right one. So in addition to all the pain they cause, they also mock me for my lack of ability to properly chastize them. Stupid boobs.
Speaking of things behind the learning curve, Kovi (our dog) has decided that peeing every time Kyle looks at him crosseyed is his new "thing". Kovi was doing so well with potty training, and he has no issues with me, but Kyle...yeah, he pees. Everytime. Also, we've been using the new cleaner from Melaleuca and it's awesome on glass. So awesome in fact, neither Kovi or Hyde (the neighbor dog) can tell if the glass door is open or closed. It's like living in one of those commercials and they walk into the glass door. Only in this case its always an excited full sprint to play in the back yard. With so many head injuries, these dogs are turning out to be a sandwhich short of a picnic. I think I just discovered Kovi's peeing problem though.
Despite becoming Kovi's new pee post, Kyle has been doing great. He's handled my emotional outbursts very well. Everything from a complete meltdown about feeling fat and yucky to nearly verbally murdering him because there are socks not put away. Being pregnant may give you a free pass to be crazy with a capitol Z, but most often then not, most of those outbursts are not in your control and not the ones you want at that moment. So instead of being mad, loud, and overbearing at the moment you want to tell off that jerk. You turn into a blumbering idiot of teary mush. Crying, why are you so mean? I'm pregnant! The cool thing however is if the latter happens, in a room of strangers you automatically win and the other person looks like a big fat jerk. Yeah...roadhouse! (sorry Kyle and I have been on this family guy episode kick all week).
This week the raspberry has grown to a green olive and on the 26th of the month we get to hear the baby's heartbeat. We are very excited! Again, I still have no sickness and with a few foods I now don't like, there is still not much I won't inhale. Well in the time it's taken me to write this blog, it's now time for my next meal. num, num, num...